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Money That Matters

JRK Insurance has been incorporated with a vision of being industry leader by building customer satisfaction through fairness, transparency, and quick response. We are 100% committed to developing and providing reliable insurance products and services that work for you ‘real time’ - in those times when you need them the most. Our personalised service, customised covers and a wide array of non-life insurance products - from Motor to Travel, from Household to Personal Accident, are revolutionary and complete value for money. JRK Insurance believes that healthy competition is the inherent basis for providing true value to consumers and is committed to the growth and development of the Non Life insurance sector via best practise and bench mark initiatives that enhance the consumer’s quality of life. At JRK Insurance, we believe in building customer satisfaction through fairness, transparency and quick response.


Our Philosophy

Transparency is an essential part of who we are. We foster frankness and clarity in all our dealings. That unshakable foundation of honesty and openness helps us earn the trust of customers, employees and investors. Integrity and Credibility Strength and stability - moral as much as fiscal - are the backbone of a successful business. We at JRK Insurance take the high road in all that we do, holding ourselves to the highest financial, intellectual and ethical standards. Trust and Respect for People In all our endeavours / our actions, we aim to respect the law, the people we work with, the company and its assets, and ourselves. Values are not just qualities we believe. Our values are who we are.


JRK Insurance is the most preferred, vibrant, and responsible general insurance company, fulfilling the aspirations of all its stakeholders. The company strives to understand the insurance needs of the consumers and translate it into affordable products that deliver value for money. We believe in providing sustained innovation by working towards ever-evolving solutions. Customer satisfaction has always been our ultimate goal and we remain committed to constantly delivering your needs with our innovative products and services. We follow a disciplined underwriting approach, in the competitive market conditions prevailing today. This discipline and its importance to the company have been ingrained in all our employees. We work hard to constantly reinforce your trust in us.

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